Friday, December 25, 2009

Its Christmas already.
Merry Christmas to all my dearies out there!

Well, Christmas was quite different this year,compared to the other years..hmm.
We were late for any Christmas count down at any church.Don't know why that this year, there are some weird see. So we just shush the idea of going.

Anyhow, we joined the world celebrating at KL. and OH-MY-GOSH! what a commotion there!
It was so crazy..and I am,honestly, scared.(lil' bit..)Well, i am scared they might just injured you at any moment.

Aerosol cans were everywhere, white foams in the atmosphere...and you literally can hear the sound of the 'tock tock tock' of the cans being shaken.hahaha...the symphony of aerosol cans together creates a unharmonious orchestra.But instead, the sign of the coming blow of foams at your face! *time to get shelter!* and yeap,they even sprayed on carS and busses..poor thing.

And thank God, we were safe.
I've never seen so many youngsters/ people in my life before!
haih...the thought always comes to my head...they are celebrating for the wrong reasons!!
Christmas isn't about snow or red santa cap and presents,but to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
I guess the whole world have totally forgotten about that and glorified that fatty old man with the big belly.
I hate Santa!

okie, thats all.
Blessed Christmas everyone! muacks!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow!! Christmas is coming SOON!
yay! the most anticipated season and time is here...haha =)
get more presents (hmm..not actually la.) and love the reds,green,jingles....hate santas
but most of all, FGA SELAYANG is gonna bring the message of hope through our Christmas Service on the 18th!

It very RARE for us to do something..and yup, lots of efforts has been pumped into it.

see?? look at our love~~ly invitation card! so colourful,rite??

Anyway,its open to everyone...bring your family and friends .It would be so awesome for you to come.
mauhaahhhaa =)

love & blessings,

Friday, November 20, 2009


Today is officially the last day of school for the year 2009! means the start of holidays! means the ending of year 2009..

gosh, look how this year pass in a blink of an eye ??
But well, this year's holiday won't be the won't be a relaxing time but the start of a grueling moment to study and catch up all my subjects..haiz.. (see, all the teacher's 'motivational' talks seems to work,huh?)Well, after we did so badly in our finals.Anyway, I thank God for His phenomenal guidance throughout my finals.Tell you, I did improve in some of the subjects,thanks to HIM! there's many testimonies to say about how wonderful is he to me. =) Love you la. <3

* warning* this would be a very very long post. so if you can tahan, good.If know what to do,rite? like duh~~

Looking back throughout this 6 months in St.John's, I don't know what have I done.seriously.
I have been a lil' naughty at times..and lil' playful and well, have missed God's purpose of me being there. I don't know why, but I still can't 'connect' with St.John's.
I am missing St.Mary's like crazy. (bet some of my juniors might think i am crazy but will feel it too next time ) Don't really know what's is inside me but that feeling and reminiscing the olden days in St.Mary kept on playing in my mind.Maybe its because it the ANNIVERSARY of me leaving that school.and now that the form 5s are also gonna leave..

I sounds so emo la.. =(
I just couldn't leave behind all the good things that St.Mary's has poured into my life.way too many good just I realized it.CF especially.Miss you guys la...
And now that St.John's is here, I've been comparing ..tell you what, st.mary's is far way better!! in many aspects. For example, they don't do spot checks AT ALL. but in my previous school, they spot checks EVERYDAY.hahhaha...sounds so ironic,huh? and bla bla bla...

okok...maybe Johannians might wanna kill me now.
I realized that its so easy to be a goody goody in St.Mary's.not that I want to be a goody goody everywhere i go, but am I shining the LIGHT?? hmm..I felt so sinful everyday after coming back from school...its so hard to be different here!!

I read some blogs from my juniors about NOV 4,the day for School Leaver's. and I realized how hungry and lost are the people of this world that they are finding for an answer. Which I hope they found it that day too...and now, I need to get this message through for those in St.Johns. St.Johns need GOD.They need JESUS. but it seems sooo hard! what am i gonna do?!

haih...enough of my words.
God, you heard me. NOthing is impossible with you. I will just leave everything to you, ok?
alright then.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

God said,
" Why are you so unfamiliar with me? You are my people but you
do not know me. Why do you stand so far away?
I want to c
ome near to you..."

Me :
" I am so sorry, Lord. I do not know you. You knew me since I was in my mother's womb.
Forgive me, O Lord."

I want to know you.I want to hear you voice.I want to know you,Lord.
I want to touch you.I want to see your face. I want to know you Lord....

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am really really GLAD that I went for the Prayer/Sleepover in St.Mary's la.

I truly believe that God had planned for me to go, for me to be part of the school's tradition - School Leavers' Service.
Gosh...its really amazing and wonderful how God had lead me through all the years being a part of SLS..till I couldn't help but to look forward to it, even if this year, I won't be there to see what God has planned and going to do in St.Mary this Wednesday. Haih...I will just leave a BIG sigh... :(

Its just an indescribable feeling.yup. that says it all.
But yeah, still I get to play a little little part by praying for the big big day.
hah! all those dreams and visions of St.Marians girls bending on their knees, repenting and crying out to You!IMAGINE THAT! my goodness...I feel so excited!!

Though Friday was a long long long day, I knew it was truly God's strength to pull me through the day. Imagine, waking up at 5 am and at last getting a sleep at 5 am! I never knew I can do that! But haha... " The joy of the Lord is my strength.'' Being able to come back to the FAMILY in St.Mary really gave me the extra strength. yup!
Thinking about it..God is really good to CF yeah? I still remember when I was just in form 1 and now, look how much it had grown! surprised that most of you all can speak in tongues cool is that? hahah..

well well, i am now an alumni (Ms.Goh gave us that so called title..sounds so old..) heart is always with CF and St.Mary.Really.
And I could sense that this WEDNESDAY will truly be a new beginning for St.Mary, where God is gonna shake the grounds and a great revival is gonna take place.You all played your part and now, its all up to God.So, be glad that you are apart of God's amazing history!

P.S : tell me what happen ok! you all.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Exams is in a few weeks time..
Form 6 isn't that easy as I have thought...I guess that's why everyone prefers colleges,huh?
Will I continue to as least get a 3.0?
I guess it will be tougher this time not 'guess' it 'will be'

Teachers kept on repeating the same old thing,
inflicting stresses on each of us..
I hate it.
Can they just show some encouragement like.
."don't worry,its just a school exam...or even......( i can't think of anything..)
they just know how to say :
'ok...class,becareful ya.Soalan ini senior kamu selalu jawab salah...Jadi,belajar ,study baik-baik becoz exam kali ini sangat tough ya..."
( you know who is this..hhehe)

I love studying for Econs, but my motivation to study MATHS flew to somewhere in the deep blue Pacific Ocean.I couldn't find it. :( but still i guess Business Studies gone to the loji kumbahan.I hate this subject.
Well, well,
time to get jealous of the form 3s and continue on living.

Let God do the rest...I will just sit still and see what he has planned for me.ok?

ok! gonna study like CRAZY!

sign out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a letter to DADDY,

Dear Dad,
Forgive me for I have failed you so many times.
I know I have not known you even if I called you Abba Father.
I am so sorry.
I failed to know your word..the one that you have given to me to guide me,your love letters to me.
You gave it to me but I did not spend enough time reading it.
I don't know why... but its so hard to make a stand for you these days.
So many temptations and I always tend to fall into the enemies trap.

What will I do when people want to know about you?
I was tested today but I failed to tell them who you are to me..
my foundations about you are so WEAK!
Now I know..

So Dad, help me to hunger for more of your Words.
Spend more time with you..and resist all this world has to offer me.
You guide me in Your everlasting arms and never let me go..I know you wouldn't.
Help me also to bring in more brothers and sisters into our family.
Thank You ,daddy.

Your daughter,