Friday, December 25, 2009

Its Christmas already.
Merry Christmas to all my dearies out there!

Well, Christmas was quite different this year,compared to the other years..hmm.
We were late for any Christmas count down at any church.Don't know why that this year, there are some weird see. So we just shush the idea of going.

Anyhow, we joined the world celebrating at KL. and OH-MY-GOSH! what a commotion there!
It was so crazy..and I am,honestly, scared.(lil' bit..)Well, i am scared they might just injured you at any moment.

Aerosol cans were everywhere, white foams in the atmosphere...and you literally can hear the sound of the 'tock tock tock' of the cans being shaken.hahaha...the symphony of aerosol cans together creates a unharmonious orchestra.But instead, the sign of the coming blow of foams at your face! *time to get shelter!* and yeap,they even sprayed on carS and busses..poor thing.

And thank God, we were safe.
I've never seen so many youngsters/ people in my life before!
haih...the thought always comes to my head...they are celebrating for the wrong reasons!!
Christmas isn't about snow or red santa cap and presents,but to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
I guess the whole world have totally forgotten about that and glorified that fatty old man with the big belly.
I hate Santa!

okie, thats all.
Blessed Christmas everyone! muacks!